Service #1
LA City’s 311 Service can help you with animal control, rubbish removal anywhere with a simple click of a button, for instance, on your cell phone and many other services. Please check this out and participate in it. The more residents who do, the cleaner and more beautiful our streets will become. Droid or iPhone App for LA 311 city services !!

Service #2
Nextdoor Community Posting site. Link up with your neighbors! Nextdoor is a neighborhood email and noticing (i.e. via cell) service. The more members of the neighborhood who use this, the more updated on city notices and affairs they will be. Anyone can become a member. On our notices for Neighborhood Watch meetings, we put a link on these to easily join our group. You can talk to your local Neighborhood Watch or just go to the site and sign up. If you are the first, you can be the leader in your neighborhood in getting this valuable service for instant community messaging. Sign Up for TODAY!

Service #3
Get involved! Here is a link to the LA City Council Videos. Here you can see their agenda’s or the video of the meeting itself. See what happens here. I have changes I would like to make to their formatting, if I get elected, so that all of you can see a summary sentence for each agenda item voted on along with each council members vote. In this way there is more transparency and se can each have a greater cause in the process of LA City’s reform, in becoming the Greatest City on Earth!
LA City Council’s meetings with access to Video’s and Agenda

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