I haven’t forgotten the three R’s!  Research; Review & Release!  See Below:

LA is mid a 5-Year revision of a post WWII zoning Code.  I will ensure that Peer Review is properly implemented and we’re all involved on this (and all our codes are reviewed)!

This is where “who” gets into office can really make a difference.  Being so familiar with codes and so earnest about all of us in LA City having our full US and California Constitutional rights, I am the only candidate repeatedly talking about this while on campaign.  I will make all reviews and determinations about code revisions completely transparent to all in my district.  Where people want, I can routinely email blast them with what is on the table for review and will give you the heads up on anything I see as a problem for our district, that should be reviewed, enlisting your input.

Research: To determine what City Codes need fixing requires research to discover laws that violate some portion of the US or California constitutions or those that cannot be comprehended easily as written (i.e. more than one meaning can be taken from it).  If I am elected, I will set up a team of researchers to find broken laws and forward these to the review committee. In addition to this I will have email blasts to key players in the district (and send letters out from time to time to all in the district) inviting them to present codes that are ‘broken’ to me so that I can log them in, go over with City Council and get these forwarded to the review committee.   These laws are FOR us, not the other way around.  If they aren’t helping, let’s get it in Review!

Review: Part of getting any set of codes and laws properly amended to not have conflicts with our Constitutions, is to eliminate any administrative view of ‘us’ vs ‘them.’ “Is it for or against our Constitution?” and “Is it correct, understandable and maintainable?”  Peer code reviews are the single biggest thing you can do to improve code.  Wikepedia: Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people of similar competence to the producers of the work (peers). It constitutes a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a profession within the relevant field. Peer review methods are employed to maintain standards of quality, improve performance, and provide credibility. Too often our codes are laced with such cryptic pages of nonsense that no one can really know what’s what.  Key to remedy of this is a positive and objective attitude.  The two biggest standards of quality needed reviewed for all of our past city codes are 1. Does it violate any sections of the US or California Constitutions?  2. Is it understandable?  And 3. Is this code even needed?  (i.e. all of Pacoima residences show zoning of CUGU, yet planning states only 1/10th of the residences would require this ~ so to reduce confusion and conflicts and extra expenses for the 9/10ths that are inapplicable – the code may be amended to require CUGU only be assigned to applicable residences in the district.)

If determined that a “City code” or “City ordinance” that supersedes, suppresses or violates US or California constitutions.  On any law the review committee may need to invite experts in that special field being reviewed.  Once these two questions are clearly answered and a consensus of 100% of all on the review committee, it is sealed and motion for “Release” or “Withdraw” constructed.

Release:  Motion for “Release” will be drawn up and presented to City Council’s public meeting, (having first invited submitted a full package of all data used in review and any summaries) and requested that the community to voice their affirmation or objections, as is common for any motion.  A summary of Constitutional or Comprehensible failings found are presented with the package for “release” along with a summary presentation for any laws in review that were found to be fully compliant with both constitution and comprehensibility with a request to “Withdraw” from review.

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