Environmental & Health: District 7
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Clean Up / Green Up (CUGU)is an environmental Health zoning and building code pilot that is aimed at handling the sources of pollution in and around residential neighborhoods in LA City. It’s set up to:  Impose stricter standards on new properties or major repair/remodels. To date this additional ‘Zone’ add on has been placed on Pacoima.  According to recent Health Reports, however, Shadow Hills, Sun Valley and La Tuna Canyon have worse air quality/pollution.

Because this was partially pushed through by ‘Pacoima Beautiful’ Pacoima was offered by City Council and approved by a 14/0 vote to be part of the Pilot. It pollution scores were about the same as North Hills, Mission Hills, Sylmar, Arleta, Lake View Terrace.)  Sunland and Tujunga were better.  So this is why it was Pacoima who was singled out as the San Fernando Valley frontrunner of the LA City pilot. The intention of the pilot, if it succeeds in helping the pollution stats at all) would be to have this enacted as law for all of LA City, according to Tom Rothmann, the person in charge of the roll out for CUGU, only those homes 50 or so yards or so from one of these targeted businesses could have to perform major changes to their property on their next sale or upgrade, but the code itself appears to apply equally to all. You can contact Tom at (213) 978-1891 or email him attom.rothmann@lacity.org.

  1. Put more by way of landscaping into the yards and perimeter of business and homes, as a buffer between them.
  2. Building heights could be curtailed.  Positions of parking will be oriented for least damaging vantages.
  3. Any new refineries will need conditional use permits and likely will be unapproved.
  4. Fencing and sheds will focus on elimination of dust, smoke and fumes with a 500 foot buffer between shops and residences.
  5. Directing incentive funding into the blue collar businesses.
  6. More enforcement against unpermitted operators who undercut permits.

This pilot does appear to be invasive, as prior to making any major changes (roof, fence or OR sale of home) an extra 3 inspector forms will need to be filled out for additional inspection clearances that could take a week or so to get through their lines.

I was surprised at the various industries considered as high pollutants. These include automotive, of all kinds including Bus, Truck, Trailer and even Motorcycle.  Fabrics – manufacture and cleaning of (Carpet, Cloth, Dry Cleaning, Fur Cleaning, Knitting, etc.); Food and Animal (canneries, cleaning, composting, curing, preserving, packing, drying, killing, feeding, ranching); Manufacturing Uses (especially any with VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as ammonia, acetylene, gas, agar-agar, asbestos, asphalt, metal, bleach, bone, bottle, box spring, brick, broom, building block, can, canvas, cap, carbon paper, carpet, cattle, cd, dvd, video, cellophane, cellulose, cement, cesspool, charcoal, chemical, tobacco, chlorine, cigar, cloth, coil, computer, dress, glass, fiber, fencing, electronics, food, gloves, glue, gunpowder, hair care, hat, heating, ice, incinerator, ink, juice, jewelry, lacquer, lard, leather, linoleum, oil, fertilizers, musical instrument, nail, lights, nitrogen, novelties, optical, oxygen, paint, pectin, perfume, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, polish, potash, rubber, sandpaper, shell, shellac, shoe, sign, sodium, stones, coatings – just a sampling, this list goes on and on and on).  Metals (foundry’s, casting, furnace, shop, plants, quarry’s, mills, etc.) Warehousing, Distribution, Waste Disposal and Management.

Environmental Health Studies

I reviewed the various components of the Environmental Health studies done in 2010 and thought I would take this opportunity to report on the rankings as I can see them for each neighborhood in District 7: [City of San Fernando and Burbank are separately incorporated and not part of this study]

Percentage of Population within 500 feet of Truck Routes (2010 Study):

Pacoima/Arleta: 6%
Sunland/Tujunga/Lake View Terrace: 4%
Sylmar: 7%
North Hills/ Mission Hills: 11%
Sun Valley/Shadow Hills/La Tuna Canyon: 7%.

Percentage of Population within 500 feet of Manufacturing Lands or Port:

Pacoima/Arleta: 9%
Sunland/Tujunga/Lake View Terrace: 3%
Sylmar: 7%
North Hills/ Mission Hills: 2%
Sun Valley/Shadow Hills/La Tuna Canyon: 13%.

Interestingly and completely aside, the Diabetes Mortality Rate per 100,000 Residents by City Council District shows our District 7 as the worst, with only equal being South LAs district.

Obesity is high in Pacoima/Arleta, but much less in the rest of District 7, with Tujunga/Sunland/Lake View Terrace being the best in the district.

Pacoima, Lake View Terrace, Sunland and Tujunga have the best ratings for Park Service.  Sun Valley has the best rating for Healthy Food Sources.



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