My Philosophy and Vision
Mi Filosofía y Visión

I feel that something can be done about nearly every ruinous problem Los Angeles City has today.  I believe in a  common sense and completely inclusive approach to let the community help with resolution of these problems with money going to them, rather than the more standard and “city approved” vendors.  An example of this is with affordable housing.  The City just “settled” for payment of 200 Million with a suit on August 30th (to pay for 4,000 disabled residences) which was necessary primarily because they don’t have building and zoning codes that allow for abundant building of affordable housing.

My idea on this is that for the cost of paper and ink and just a few intelligent hours of deliberation, the City could come up with revised Residential zoning to allow for building guest homes with a footprint of 320-500 or so square feet and maybe 2 stories high with a roof loft.  If the city approves 5 or 6 designs for fast tracking approvals with specifications that are pre-approved with building and zoning codes all modified for this, any residential zoned home owner can add a guest home rather easily.  In this way, we spread the potential wealth of doing this and the work and financing among the many thousands of homeowners that want to do this and voila, we have many thousands more affordable homes for those who need them.

With so many homeless, additionally creating and having building and zoning codes modified with pre-approved dorm homes that are ‘minimalistic’ (but do include wifi and minimally 10×7 dorm rooms and access to shared bathrooms & laundry) to be approved for building on any vacant 50’x100′ lot along the main transportation corridors, many homeless can get housing for as little as $100/week.

This will allow many of these homeless to get homes and my idea in this is to make this boiler plate for investors who want to make a tidy sum to build these with little worry that they will be turned down on making their vacant 50×100 foot lot work for this, so long as it is on a street with bus traffic or near a train station.

If these are also built for disabled, we are thinking smarter to allow for increasing numbers of projected disabled with our baby boomers now getting older.  Making pre-approved designs with multiple criteria (such as some smoking, some non smoking, some seniors only, some special needs only) we can be allowing our police and volunteers to seek out homeless and get them into housing that is not scattered on a shelters floor, where one can’t get proper sleep and be set up to work.  Shelter housing is only extremely temporary and one can see it is not working, with 26,000 homeless out on the streets in preference to it.

I have many such ideas, such as for those with Drug and Alcohol problems.  Take a look at my videos.  There will be many more to come.  My theme is to get Los Angeles into the current century and help them to become the Greatest City on Earth!

The basics that I will focus on are outright constitutional violations that should be able to get enough of a rally of agreement and support that we can get this city straight very rapidly.

The key section of the California Constitution that I am currently passionate to remedy violations of is Section 1, as follows:

“All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.”

My Story

I have lived in District 7 since 2000, first Tujunga, then Shadow Hills and then back to Tujunga and then Sunland and now, since 2011 my husband and I own a home in  Hansen Hills (on the South/East side of Pacoima near the Hansen Dam and just a mile or so from Lake View Terrace and/or Shadow Hills).  Before that I lived in Glendale for 10 years.  I love the District 7 community and have been very active in the Hansen Hills Neighborhood Watch as it’s Captain since 2012.

I have been very active in my immediate community, working with City Council and many of the City facilities, including DWP (in helping people with their electric bills) and 311 (in getting rid of kludge) and the LAPD Senior Leads, to help get rid of motorhomes and vagrancy in the immediate neighborhood.  I believe that bringing together the many services available and letting people know what they can do about a situation, can and does lead to a community that is strong and bonded.  This should and can be done for all of Los Angles City.

In 2003 I began a non-profit organization: Community Assistance Utilization & Services Establishment, Inc. (CA– USE Inc.).  This non profit has done much to help people with disasters (such as sending a team to Houston and Baton Rouge to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and helping folks with troubled kids and Drug Education needs.

In 2007 I began Foreclosure Freedom Network, putting a website there that has helped many thousands avert foreclosure and stay in their homes.  This website is still online along with many videos and articles to help them through a financial/home crisis.

In the 70’s I worked in a Drug Rehab facility as their Promotional and Activities director.  There I did much by way of TV, Radio and News Releases to help steer people away from drugs while actively getting druggies and alcoholics onto the program.

I’ve been passionate about helping children to learn about the dangers of drugs in school and have done much to contribute to groups helping in this endeavor over the past 20 years.  Because of this my awareness is higher than the average person of those in need of help.

A year ago the City began to release those from prison who were in there for non-violent crimes.  But, attendant with that was the release of many ex druggies and ex alcoholics, who were let back out without ensuring proper rehab (as the City has always lacked this in their prison system).

Since that time the stats of property crimes have gone up, as well as violent crimes.  Police blame this to a large extent on this release, seeing people they know they put in jail years ago right back on the same street corner they were on when arrested years back and what the Senior Leads are now saying is “what can we do about it, there’s a revolving door now?”.  Something can be done about this.  I have a way that I believe will get all of these guys off the streets and rehabilitated eventually, for very little City cost.

Meet the Team

I’ve known and worked with Pat since 1994.  She is passionate, competent and friendly.  If you call for me on my office line she will answer 9-5 during the week and will either get you to me or take a message.

pat My son, Nick, is one of the nicest men you would ever want to meet.  He gives me brilliant advice and I go over my ideas with him and his wife Barb, who I will introduce to you below.  They both live in Sylmar and are very excited about my campaign.img1081 img1071

Next Steps…

If you haven’t already, go to the home page and look at my videos.  This will give you a good idea of what I’m all about.  I will also announce there upcoming events as they happen.

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