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Connie will fight for the rights of all people in District 7
Connie will fight for the rights of all people in District 7 Los Angeles

My Basic platform
Mi Plataforma


Hi, I’m Connie Saunders and I’m running for City Council District 7 with our Primary coming up on March 7th and General Election on May 16th of 2017.

This video will outline my general platform, what I stand for and what I stand stand against.  I have 25 years of experience with reading and operating with Civil Codes from all 50 States, so I can readily understand our codes and see extreme needs for modifications, for fairness and bringing LA City into line with the US and State Constitution.  I additionally have 20 years working with and for non-profit organizations that handle worldwide menaces like these noted.   I have a vision for Los Angeles as easily being the Best City in the World.  Why not?  There’s a lot of intelligence here, a lot of opportunity.  Just because it’s a huge city doesn’t mean it can’t have ‘Mayberry’ standards when it comes to Police and City interaction.  All of the Police and City Officials are (or should be) here to serve you in all of your Constitutional rights (Nationally and as Californians and finally as Angelinos).  I promise that I will act voraciously to keep our California Constitution in full play, in every action and motion taken by the City to service YOU!!!
My favorite is Section 1 of the California Constitution, which reads:

“All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.”  I believe that your City Council representative should be working ferociously to preserve these in each new and existing code, ordinance, revision of it.  Even with respect to assignment of penalties for violations of these.  We should never forget why we are here and who we serve.


I could go on and on but for now, just know that my viewpoint about this position is that it is to serve you, the people in my District and any and all needs you may have while also always keeping in the bigger picture of all of Los Angeles City.  In that direction I will ensure we go to your monthly meetings, to get the low down on what you need and want and work my hardest to do, product and or present it to you as instantly as physically possible, but also go to the Town Hall meetings where I can get to know the shakers and bakers and bring these worlds together for the ultimate purpose of making Los Angeles the Best City in the World.  A star high goal, I know, but one has to keep one’s eye on that goal to stay focused on what will really make a difference to us all.

The only way to really manage well in the best city in the world is to ‘Do it NOW’.  That’s just what I intend to do!  I’m an action oriented person and frankly when you have the constitutions as your guideposts, it really isn’t that hard to get things done quickly.  I’m also about transparency.

I’ll detail on this further, but for now I can see simple, easy ways to really make Los Angeles the BEST city in the world mostly with pen and ink; meaning by simple code amendments or deletions, we can and I will open the doors to massive reforms for affordable housing, homeless, jobless, drug abuse and more solved with pen and ink solutions that focus on our constitutional rights and bring our law into line with simplicity and fairness for all of us.
Easy Fixes for our first amendment rights (enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy) Include:

1. Affordable Housing, we can fix our housing codes with pen and ink can allow for boiler plate dorms, tiny homes and other forms of ultra affordable housing, to handle the lower economic echelons.

2. Homelessness (With 26,000 homeless, no-one can argue the long delayed need for this)  Shelter housing doesn’t work past a few days. I plan to put an end to homeless encampments and skid row with simple pen and ink solutions opening up doors.

3. Jobless, (I plan to corral up those seeking jobs and those needing them and implementing projects to handle the key factors preventing work (such as “the will to work; aptitude and skills for those jobs that are available; ability to read and write; access to available jobs and transportation).

4. Getting a growing commercial market with need for workers can be stimulated to hire our jobless with pen and ink incentives to keep our commercial buildings occupied rather than vacant and city business and property tax incentives for hiring from the jobless market.

5. Drug abusers can be dramatically handled with pen and ink inclusions by the city for all workable programs to handle the core problems creating this.

6. Property code violations are driving many homeowners crazy (especially those with income property).  We have unconstitutional and extortive fees charged for being over 30 days late on remedy of a violation.

7. LAPD’s response time is a standing joke.  Unless there’s a fire, you can wait for hours.  This needs immediate reform and can be assisted greatly with code amendments.  Local and national police violence flaps, and police shootings are causing police to back off from direct confrontation. There are simple solutions that the constitution provides for us by working with the community to excavate our having buried our second amendment and turn this to our advantage, eliminating threats in all of the unruly sections of our District.  I will fight to get together a task force of deputies to handle any unruly districts with immediate response teams in place.  There is just no reason to keep our heads in the sand or move to other neighborhoods.

8. The second amendment to the US constitution has been thrown away by the City of LA, where this could be one of its strongholds in the remedy to many ailments the City has.  I believe remedying the right to bear arms in the City of LA could be done very smartly and could also open the doors to a voluntary police unit to call in when there is an emergency.  Certainly denying rights to bear arms to any and all but those who sue the City, violates more than just the second amendment. This should be an easy pen and ink solution.

9.  Protecting our open spaces includes prohibition of any unsafe exposure of our hills to our residents.  Strip mining can make the communities below into dust bins.  Such has already been through much in the approval lines and is actively planned for operation in Sylmar despite the residents many protests.  Hard to handle strands of pneumonia are common and fatal problems that can come from such excavations and these are planned in a huge amphitheater containing thousands of affected residences, yet I see their protests go on deaf ears.  This is NOT OK and unsafe mining, creating dust of any kind to fall out over Sylmar residents will not happen on my watch.  My ears are not deaf to this and I promise to be your greatest advocate.

10. In Sun Valley we have many unsightly dust bins of past and present mining operations.  Just looking at it from google maps makes one’s body shudder with the imagined negative effects of this dust.  When looking at the various health reports recently published on Sun Valley and that eastern most edge of Pacoima, one can see the aftermath in terms of particulate in the air.  It’s unsightly and unsafe.  This is an easy fix with pen and ink and bringing in the voices of the affected communities to be heard at City Council.

11.  Our equestrian communities are key to creating an LA wonder of the world, I vow to protect all of our parks for use by all residents, not for unsanitary homeless encampments.  I also plan to allocate project funds for beautifying and helping to create more protecting parks and getting the mattresses and garbage out of the wash area.  In addition you have my pledge to ensure none of our City Partners, including High Speed Rail ever encroach on equestrian land.  This land should be cherished and protected, and again is a simple Pen and Ink solution.

12.   Another issue is the distracted Driving Epidemic.  With pen and ink it is easy to eliminate this nuisance from our roads.  Just make the penalties too gruesome to confront for those guilty of it and get into place the machine to find those guilty of it and voila, you have a recipe to remedy it.

13. One thing to eliminate from urban residential regions is solar and wind farms.  On my watch I will ensure our zoning is revised to prohibit this, as it is unreasonable to have this nuisance in a residential community.  Again, Pen and Ink.

14.  Our zoning and building codes all need to be modified and organized to be simpler to understand and comply with.  This can include and begin with boiler plate building codes that have been pre-checked for immediate need and if this is done, will get a fast flow treatment at Building and Safety, allowing developers to populate vacant lots economically without all the red tape.

15.  Finally transparency is sorely lacking in our City.  It’s difficult to know who in our council voted on what.  Sometimes 9 agenda items are gathered up and voted on all at once, with no accountability.  While it’s great that we have our City Council meetings available for view online, Easy reforms can be made to this bringing City Council closer to real contact with the folks in each of our districts and giving all folks who come to the podium on an issue their full right of intercourse with the council (not just a 2 minute window) (i.e. they can submit their issue in full and it must be read by each council member before a vote.  Life and action versus apathy will result and create revitalization of many in LA to stand up to help create LA to be the best city in the world.

In summary, this is not all I have planned, just a sampling, however the theme of all of this is focus on our constitutional rights. We have miles to go before we sleep, but need to get hussling now and I’m the best person for the job.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this upcoming election as I am and I pledge to work with you all with my whole heart.  Be sure to visit my website at and if you like my platform, feel free to contribute to it.  Now is a critical time in the process, as there are deadlines that make it essential that even a small donations from each of you who like and want to support this could make a world of difference.

Take a look at my website and you be the judge and I hope you give your support to me now, so that I can make it to the March 7th Primaries and win the seat in the May 16th General Election!

See you soon!

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If you have any questions, please give me a call:  818-890-0131 Office.  I want to address and include all of your needs in this upcoming term.  Los Angeles can be made into the greatest City on Earth!
I’ll be putting upcoming meetings onto this website, along with more videos and topics, many more, to come!